KVA Diesel is the general importer in Denmark for Deep Sea Electronics, which develops and manufactures the market's most advanced control systems for generator sets and engine plants.

Deep Sea offers control systems that are easy to operate and with many options.
The panels are available in many versions and the features offered include the following:

  • No-break return - The panel lets the generator follow the line voltage before the braker is closed, thereby creating a smooth transition between operation from the generator to the power grid.
  • Parallel running of generators - Up to 32 modules interconnected, and the controls start and stop the generators based on consumption.
  • Simultaneous power output from the electricity grid and the generator - At the same time as the generator is running, permissible power from the grid is used in order to minimize operating costs.
  • Control via internet or Android/iOS app (Requires WebNet Gateway module).
    The physikal position of the generator set can be viewed on a map by using a webbrowser or app. Inside the webpage/application the module can be controlled, while all status and alarm messages can be viewed in almost real time (update interval depends on the speed of the connection).


DSE provides fast delivery, good service and full support.If you need user-friendly control with plenty of options, you are welcome to contact us for advice and guidance.Read more about DSE's solutions on